Friday, 29 July 2016

Convention Style Face-Off: Scoring the Candidates and Their Supporters.

The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week and the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week offered up quite the study in contrasts, in everything from overall tone to nuts-and-bolts policy proposals. Not only did the candidates and their surrogates lay out very different visions for the future of America, but they and their peers also made very different style choices while doing so. And while we’d never reduce the candidates to their fashion choices, those choices can subtly underline — or undermine — their politics (Donald Trump’s Italian-made suits, anyone?). Below, a round-by-round look at who said — and wore — what, and our picks for winners and losers for each category.

Round 1: First Spouse: Former Model Melania Trump vs. 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton

For Team Clinton, President Clinton stuck to the classics, wearing a navy suit, Democrat-blue tie, crisp white shirt, black dress shoes, and a Shinola watch. He also shared the long-and-winding tale of his and Hillary’s life together, from Yale Law to Arkansas to the White House to New York to D.C. again and beyond. While he made some questionable comments in regards to racial justice and about Muslim Americans, it was nothing compared with what gets said at your run-of-the-mill Trump rally. His speech also succeeded in shedding new insight onto a woman who has lived in the public eye for the better part of three decades, as well as showing just how impossible it is to summarize her longstanding commitment to public service and work for social justice in one speech.

When it comes to Team Trump, the identity of Mrs. Trump’s speechwriter? Still murky. The identity of the big-speech-wedding-dress designer? An irrefutable fashion-world darling. Mrs. Trump wore Roksanda Ilincic, the Serbian-born, London-based designer known for her bold use of color and clever interplay between shape, pattern, and texture. She spoke of the values instilled in her by her parents, the kinds of values she and her husband hope to instill in their children. But here’s the hitch: The giant belled sleeves of Mrs. Trump’s dress were only slightly less distracting than the appropriated authorship of her remarks.

Jennifer Gerson Uffalussy.
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