Friday, 29 July 2016

Here’s Why Guys Aren’t Messaging You on Tinder.

It’s happened: A guy has swiped right on your image on Tinder. So he must want to pursue you further, right?

Perhaps not — plenty of us find that we’re a match with a man, but that he never takes the next step to actually message us. So what gives?

First, according to researchers in the U.K., Italy, and Canada, men are much less likely to start a conversation with a woman they match with on Tinder. So it’s not just you.

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London, Sapienza University of Rome, and the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group created 14 fake Tinder profiles — female and male — in London.

They then automatically liked everyone within 100 miles, and waited to see who would swipe right and who would initiate conversation.

The male profiles did less well than the female ones, matching with others just 0.6 percent of the time, while the women were liked by 10 percent of male users.

But interestingly, men who did actually make a match were less likely to follow it up with a conversation; only 7 percent followed through with a message.

Meanwhile, 21 percent of women who connected sent a message.

So it looks like men are less discriminating when it comes to initial swipe-rights on the app, but less likely to contact a match. So is it that they find the kick of matching with a woman enough?

Women, on the other hand, will swipe right less but initiate conversation more, perhaps because they want to connect with someone on a personal level more quickly.

This aligns with anecdotes on the Reddit Tinder page and probably everyone you’ve griped to about Tinder.

So really, it’s not just you.

By Alice Sholl.
Culled from Yahoo News.

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