Friday, 29 July 2016

The Camera Really Does Add 10 Pounds — or More.

If you’ve ever showed your friends a picture of your crush and said, “Don’t worry, they look better in real life,” only to get with skeptical glances, show them this cold, hard proof that actually, some camera lenses can capture pretty unflattering photos.

Comic book writer Jim Zub took to Twitter to share a GIF reflecting the unfavorable changes that different camera lenses can make to your face and body. And while we might think that the common perception that “the camera adds 10 pounds,” is a total myth, it’s actually true.

When they say
“The camera adds 10 pounds”
they’re not kidding.
Here’s the effect with different camera lenses:
— Jim Zub (@JimZub) July 26, 2016

The video shows the changes made to the writer’s appearance by lenses ranging from 20mm to 200mm, widening the entire image to create the appearance of a fuller Zub. The difference is shocking. Moral of the story: Stick to your iPhone selfies, because that lens seems to be way more flattering.

By Kerry Justich.
Culled from Yahoo News.

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