Thursday, 16 November 2017

How To Wear In New Shoes Instantly With This Simple Hack.

Say goodbye to angry red feet and painful blisters!

As someone who rarely strays away from my fail-safe rotation of trainers, smart flat shoes, slip-ons and a mini-heel (for special occasions), having to hunt for a new member of the close-knit family is an arduous task.

It's not that I don't love shoes, it's that they sadly don't love me. Many a happy memory turned sad from my youth includes spontaneously buying the latest creations from Topshop, only to find them cutting my feet to shreds if I dared to try and walk down the street in them. Leaving practically brand new (if a little blood-stained) shoes banished to the back of the wardrobe, unused and unworn.

Another 'fond' memory is picking up a pair of last minute red heels to wear on a night out, taking them off halfway through the night to admire the matching red lining, before remembering the lining had not been red when I'd purchased them (it turns out blood stains are remarkably hard to get out of satin shoe linings). 

Suffice to say, when one pair of my sacred shoe clan goes out of business, it's with a heavy heart that I begin the hunt for a suitable replacement. Cue instant giant heel blisters, red raw little (and big) toes, and if I'm lucky - a grazed toe bone.

By Sarah Liston.

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