Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Donatella Versace hails late brother Gianni a 'genius'

Donatella Versace has hailed her late brother Gianni a "genius", and she believes he drastically changed the business because he encouraged models to have personality.

Donatella Versace has hailed her late brother Gianni a "genius".

The 62-year-old fashion designer - who is the chief designer of Versace, which her late sibling founded in 1978 - has hailed Gianni for making a positive impact on the fashion industry, as she has credited him as the founder of supermodels.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, she said: "Not in a sad way, but a very positive way. I saw what a genius my brother was. To me, he was my brother, but to the rest of the world - such a genius.

"This was the period that fashion became famous. It was the beginning of fashion becoming pop culture, of being associated with music and rock'n'roll. Those two worlds were really in contact with one another. When something starts to happen, that is the most exciting moment. It was a huge change. The 90s was a huge change in fashion.

"My brother, of course, was the designer; I was working very closely with him all my life. But I started the relationship with the models that Gianna made 'super'."

Full story at Female First.

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