Friday, 5 January 2018

7 Major Changes for the Fall 2018 Menswear Season.

Gucci Spring 2018 Menswear and Ready-to-Wear
Photo: Corey Tenold
Just when you thought the show schedule couldn’t get any crazier, our Fall 2018 Menswear calendars are actually looking a bit lighter than usual. Don’t get us wrong—it’s still going to be a jam-packed month of men’s shows, Pre-Fall appointments, couture week, and even a few early bird Fall 2018 women’s shows. But there are some noteworthy gaps, largely left by brands who are leaving the men’s calendar to host combined men’s and women’s shows during the ready-to-wear season.

While it’s certainly more efficient to join Gucci, Vetements, Bottega Veneta, and Jil Sander in doing a coed show, it means the menswear calendar has less star power. Still, we’d argue that it might at least keep everyone a little more sane. The early part of the year always feels especially crunched, to the point where the seasons aren’t just back-to-back, but they actually overlap. In the span of six weeks, we’ll have covered three collections by certain designers: Pre-Fall, menswear, and ready-to-wear.

By Emily Farra.

Full story at Vogue.

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