Monday, 8 January 2018

Emma Stone's Golden Globes make-up had an important feminist message.

The Help star's beauty look was more than just a red carpet trend.

Last night, women across the film and entertainment industry united in wearing a uniform of black on the red carpet in solidarity with victims of sexual harassment, assault and inequality and to champion the #TimesUp initiative.

To compliment their black wardrobes, several celebrities amped up the fashion stakes by pairing their gowns with emerald-hued jewellery (Zoe Kravitz), frosting their ears in diamonds (Jessica Biel), and sporting some seriously peroxide-blonde bobs (Emilia Clarke).

Undoubtedly, the beauty trend du jour was the most certainly the statement lip, with several of our favourite celebrities sporting a red, pink or orange-hued shade on their pouts to bring a bit of colour to their all-black ensembles.

However, when it came to Emma Stone's 2018 beauty look, her choice of lip colour was more than just a nod to beauty, but also to the feminist cause.

Full story at Harpers Bazaar.

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