Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Meet the Artist-Turned-Male Model Who Prada Can’t Get Enough Of.

For models at the start of their career, landing an exclusive at Prada is as big as it gets. But for Jordan Sannicks aka Sannicks, a Los Angeles-based visual artist, seemed preternaturally calm when he made his Milan debut this weekend at the brand’s Fall 2018 menswear show. Perhaps his nonchalance on the runway could be attributed to the fact that he never envisioned himself as a model. Approached by scouts while dining with his mother in Los Angeles, the YouTube beauty vlogger, Kandee Johnson, he initially felt reluctant to step into the fashion world — even though his mom was pushing him in that very direction. “I was at a restaurant with my mom and was approached by this girl named Somer, who was seated across from our table asking if I ever considered modeling,” said Sannicks. “Before I could say, 'No, not really,' my mom says to her ‘Actually, he just went to this open call.’ Which she forced me to go to!”

By Janelle Okwodu.

Full story at Vogue.

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