Thursday, 4 January 2018

The Edit: Brave the cold in military fashion.

Don’t let the cold beat your outfit! Here are some of our style picks that’ll keep you warm and stylish through the cold season.

Category Is: Military Man!

The beginning of the year is never kind to us! Not only are we reeling from New Year’s celebrations but we are dealing with icy weather and returning to work. Trying to look good (and seem human) in the cold can be such a task and layering often sees us sweltering indoors yet not sufficiently warm when outside. We took some inspiration from men in uniform to help keep you looking good and feeling fine during the cold season.

Make sure your materials are windproof and if you can, water resistant too. Nobis make some beautiful pieces that are designed to keep you warm and toasty even if you’re just in a t-shirt underneath. If you’re not one for a hooded coats, Gloverall’s Donkey Jacket for men is a great alternative!

Full story at Gay Times.

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