Thursday, 1 February 2018

Indian designer accuses Christian Dior of stealing his dress designs.

An Indian designer has accused high-end fashion brand Christian Dior of copying his designs on a dress, in the latest of a string of claims by small-time designers that big fashion houses use their work without acknowledgment or permission.

Orijit Sen, who said he penned designs of a man doing yoga poses in 2000 said he was "shocked" when he saw an Elle India magazine cover with Bollywood starlet Sonam Kapoor wearing a printed dress that resembled his work - down to the same yoga poses and colour combination.

"I couldn't believe they've copy-pasted my artwork and used it as part of an international collection," he said.
Sen's yoga designs have been blockprinted on T-shirts and fabrics and sold for years by Indian clothing brand People Tree, which has shops in New Delhi and the tourist hub of Goa.

By Vidhi Doshi.
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