Tuesday, 6 February 2018

River Island is shunning labels for its empowering new campaign.

River Island is 30 years old, and the high street store is celebrating in a pretty damn inspiring way with a new campaign.

The Labels Are For Clothes shots by photographer Richard Burbridge feature a core group of unique individuals who have all been subject to stereotyping and are poised to reclaim their label in the most positive way.

With the idea that labels don’t matter, each picture comes with a tongue-in-cheek care label. Curve model and body convidence activist Sabina appears next to the message ‘do not shrink’, while gay couple Charlie and Bella pose next to ‘do not separate’.

Another shot sees Stav Strashko, who was born male, affirm she is ‘100% woman’, while Zara, who is of Pakistani heritage, wears a hijab and was born in London, commands that you ‘do not stereotype’ her.

By Penny Goldstone.

Full story at Marie Claire.

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