Thursday, 29 March 2018

Instagram Users Think Forever 21 Copied This Indie Brand's T-Shirt Design.

In the last couple of years, social media has become our most powerful tool in spreading news, sharing our lives with faraway loved ones and strangers alike, and, in some cases, rallying folks around a specific cause. Since Sunday, a t-shirt has been at the center of one such fast-spreading cause.

Los Angeles indie designer Creepy Gals took to Instagram to ask its followers whether a t-shirt by fast-fashion company Forever 21 looks quite similar to one of Creepy Gals’ popular products. The post shows a side-by-side image of the shirt Creepy Gals sells and the new item from Forever 21. They're both t-shirts with similar fonts spelling out singular words that are surrounded by hearts. Though the words are different (the Creepy Gals tee says "Sickening" and the Forever 21 tee says "Fabulous"), Creepy Gals pointed out the similarity in style and font, asking followers if they thought it was a coincidence or not.

Full story at Allure.
By Rosemary Donahue.

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