Friday, 13 April 2018

Akinola Davies’ new film explores bootleg fashion.

Making its debut in Basel last month, Boot/Leg takes a look at counterfeit goods and the culture that surrounds them

No longer relegated to market stalls or hawked from the back of lorries under cover of darkness, the last few years have seen ‘bootleg’ fashion – or at least highly stylised, meta takes on bootleg fashion – infiltrate catwalks around the world. Not only have the likes of BurberryBalenciagaFendi, and Gucci embraced brash logos and so-wrong-they’re-right prints, in the case of the latter Italian brands, they’ve also joined forces with the bootleggers themselves.

Exploring the concept of counterfeit goods and their extensive connotations as part of short film Boot/Legis artist Akinola Davies. Making its debut at Switzerland’s Art Basel last month, the film features a series of street-cast individuals and models and delves into the social, cultural, and class distinctions of those who usually adopt counterfeit goods into their wardrobes.

Full story at Dazed Digital.

By Emma Elizabeth Davidson.

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