Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Losing your shoe identity – and how to find it again.

The season has shifted and your beloved winter boots don’t feel right anymore, but you’ve no idea what comes next? Frankie Graddon has a few suggestions.

I received an email the other day, subject: Help. Existential Shoe Crisis. The email was from my fellow Pooler Zoe, who went on to explain that, over the past week, she’d completely lost her way when it came to shoes. “F, went to the shops on my dinner break and had a mini meltdown. I’ve realised I can’t wear my DMs forever but I don’t know what to wear instead.”

Losing your “shoe identity”. Been there, done that. It happened to me a couple of years ago when loafers were all the rage. No matter how many times I tried them on, I just couldn’t make them work. While everyone else was pegging around in their loafers and ankle-grazing jeans, I was left clutching at straws. Fortunately, I discovered clogs a few weeks later and order was restored.

By Frankie Graddon.
Full story at The Pool.

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