Monday, 30 April 2018

Nondumiso Qba Nkosi: Changing the African hair industry!

After picking up a Kate Moss’s picture frame 4 years ago; she had no idea where that artwork was going to lead her to.

Kate, happens to be one of her favourite model/fashion icons. Taking that picture home brought a turning point into her life as numerous ideas started running through her body, mind and soul until she was clear what she was about to invent.

Nondumiso Qba Nkosi, eventually invented something that has never happened in the fashion world (hair beautification). She changed the game with “Bedoo” (Be-do-Original).

It all started when Qba was passing through a test period in life after a stint from the world of Hip-hop and today  the platform paved the way

for her to build her identity as a former rapper, brand as a beautician and thereby giving others a voice through her new call.

On a sunny afternoon, okay, it was a Sunday; I spotted something amazing like a rainbow after rainfall. I had no choice that to talk to Qba and below are her success story:

Q: Can you tell us more about yourself?

A:  I’m Qba. I’m known to my people as Nondumiso. I am the founder of Bedoo Production. Bedoo Production is the producer of bedoo head gear and  we custom-make hair pieces for people to edify their individuality, to showcase their bolder side; thereby sharing to the world Africa’s brilliance.

Q: Where’s this idea coming from and who inspired you to go into bedoo head gear?

A: It was a process; I think my life and where I was at a time influenced that cuz it was at a time where I was searching for direction. I used to be a hip-hop artist, performer and there would always be me even as I do this work I feel like is another expression of hiphop. You know hiphop has different element and this came about when hiphop element of image became very strong in the hiphop game. Before in hiphop it was about the lyrics and it later changed and people were communicating in different means and I think image became the thing. 

Q: Do you agree with me that your hiphop stint paved the way for your  success at Bedoo Production?

A: Absolutely! Absolutely! All the contacts that I made in hiphop I’m now able to use them productively. This now allows me to originally promote my idea, products, and my brand without competition with anyone.  I'm directing the pace and can collaborate without having to compete because I'm the original creator of the works.It’s really amazing as lots of artists are so helpful in making my work to go out there like Nomi Superstar and Thandiswa Mazwai. Those are people that I knew from music and now they are interested in this work that I do and is be able to grow. Other people are able to see the work through them. This is even bigger than my music was because every single piece that is created involves me and someone else. Is no longer about me but is my work and that work adds value to other people. 

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

A: In ten years time, the bedoo would be known like coke. Like every single person would know my product because it would be all over the world. I’d also be recognized as a pioneer or as the person that revolutionized African hair industry. 

The word is out as Qba is trying to change the hair industry by making bedoo infectious and a house hold product for young and old women across the globe.

You can follow Qba on social media and support her headwear gear:

Facebook: Nondumiso Qba Nkosi
Instagram: originalbedoo

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