Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Threading Needle of Hope in Rwanda.

Muhire Patrick at his atelier. The clothing and jewelry 
designer is part of a burgeoning f
ashion scene in Rwanda.
Jacques Nkinzingabo for The New York Times

A new generation of designers envisions a future where the African nation is known for its stylish fashion, not only its genocidal past.

The story of the fashion scene in Rwanda today is a story of hope.

In a country often defined by its horrific genocide in 1994, when an estimated 800,000 people — mostly Tutsi men, women and children — were killed in 100 days, a new generation of passionate designers wants to create a future where their African nation is known for producing stylish clothes and accessories and not only its dark, traumatizing past.

The government is priming these designers for success through an initiative called Made in Rwanda, aimed at supporting the production of local goods and limiting imports — sending Rwandan designers abroad to participate in trade shows and not taxing them to import fabrics and other materials they need for their designs are two examples of the help Made in Rwanda offers.

By Shivani Vora.
Full story at NY Times.

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