Monday, 23 April 2018


Yesterday, l listened to one of Apostle Joshua Selman's message and he said something that took my mind back to an experience I encounter some years ago. He said he met a man (maybe an old friend or something) after their pleasantries they shook hands immediately, he felt the power and anointing that has gone out of that brother very massive anointing. Then he asked "What happen to you?? "
I remember sometime ago I know someone who never really amount to the peak of the purpose of God for his life, and to think the purpose of God for him was just a small ministry was a huge joke. God had something very big for him, I mean so big that each time I see this person I ask God why did He let the devil rubbish him like this. I keep asking myself "What happen to you?" He use to be an ardent read, he had a library in his house full of spiritual books. as a kid when i watch him pray I could feel his fire. His prayers were always honoured. Once he prays heaven have no choice but to respond. I have watched him, I have seen him, even the little girl I was could feel the fire and the power of God in him. It was extra ordinary. I knew he had a big fire.
Even presently each time I am with this brother or stay around him, I still feel the smoke of his fire.... I see it. I can explain it, but he was made for something very very great. And I keep asking God. Is it too late??.... Can you help him?? Can you restore him?...and God said to me "He choose his destination" I gave him the destiny but the destination is strictly by choice.
I am writing to all my brothers and sisters who were on once in the faith, who was once a burning flame for God. I am asking you "What happen to you?" where is the fire? Why am I just seeing the smoke from a fire that is quenched??.... Why did you choose a destination of partition and worthlessness when God gave you something big
There is absolutely no reason to leave God, whether challenge, disappointment, trials or anything, Christ is your only HOPE . Go back to the Father so He can restore you to His purpose for your life. Pascal said and I quote every human have a 'Godshaped vacumm' a place in the heart of a man that no one can fill except Christ. In all reality, no one can replace the place of God in your life. no money, house, family, wife, husband etc can fill that void.
Come back to Jesus beloved, there is no peace in the world. On the last day God will be asking all the apostles, evangelists, the prophets, the teachers.... what happened to you?

By Miriam Moyse Peculiar.

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