Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Don’t Spill! The consequences of dressing a child in designer apparel.

In 2018, it is neither rare nor exorbitantly weird to see a child and think: I want what he/she/they are wearing. Luxury brands like BurberryGucciDolce & Gabbana, and now Balenciaga all offer their own youth collections — and business is booming. According to a Global Industry Analysts estimate, the global childrenswear market is expected to reach 231.3 billion euros by 2024.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, you can find Supreme-wearing children with millions of followers. Plus, millennial and Gen-Z moms like 20-year-old Kylie Jenner are eager to dress their kids up in the same clothes they fancy.

Not everyone is down with designer fetishism for the under-10 set, of course. But then, no matter what you dress them in, kids will always be kids. —Emilia Petrarca

By Bobby Doherty.

Styling by Diana Tsui.

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