Friday, 25 May 2018

How wearing the right colours can make you look younger.

Kristen Scott Thomas dazzled in a red gown
at the 2018 London Evening Standard British Film Awards
There's no antidote to ageing, this we know to be true. But when it comes to our wardrobes, small miracles can be performed via clothes that flatter, and thus make you look and feel more youthful. Equally, there are clothes that are, due to a frumpy cut, unfortunately 'ageing', and are best avoided.

But the water here is murky. A dress that looks good on one woman in her fifties may well be less-than-kind to another in the same age bracket. For this reason, colour is one thing that we can all count on.

''It’s personal to the individual and it’s actually based on science,'' explains Helen Venables, managing director of colour analysis and styling service House of Colour. ''We find ‘younger’ attractive. And that comes down to finding a healthy mate to get your genes out there. Young people have clear skin, obviously it’s smooth and there are no wrinkles. There is also contrast, usually, between hair, eye and lip colour. And as we get older, all of that fades. Eye colour gets softer, skin gets thinner and capillaries and blemishes are easier to see, elasticity goes in the skin and hair gets lighter. So that contrast is disappears,'' she continues.''Your face, hair, eyes and skin are a collection of colours, and because of the way one colour affects the way a colour sitting next to it looks -which is why you'll often hear of 'complementary colours' - wearing the right colours can smooth out blemishes. Wrinkles can literally appear to disappear.''

By Olivia Buxton Smith.
Full story at The Telegraph.

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