Thursday, 3 May 2018

Janelle Monáe's "Vagina Pants" From Her 'Pynk' Video Might Actually Hit The Market.

Photo source: Janelle Monae YouTube.
Janelle Monáe is making waves for her new album, Dirty Computer, and in more ways than one. People aren't just celebrating the music, but also the amazing fashion accompanied with the videos. Which is why when news broke that Janelle Monáe might mass produce the Pynk video's "vagina pants,"fashion lovers everywhere threw up jazz hands.

The Pynk video itself is a celebration of inclusive womanhood, where it was washed in pink desert light, accented with pink eyeshadow, and full of vinyl booties with fishnets, sorbet-colored leotards, and avant-garde haute couture dresses contrasted against desert scenes. It was filled to the brim with playful fashion scenes — especially the diner packed with sequin-dress-wearing women — but while the tube tops and diamond chokers made you want to go immediately play in your own closet, the "vagina pants" were the one thing that the internet couldn't get over.

By Marlen Komar.
Full story at Bustle.

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