Friday, 15 June 2018

Bella Hadid has a brand name burnt onto her back.

American model Bella Hadid has revealed she had a brand name burnt onto her back after falling asleep in the sun.

The 21-year-old model - who is known for always being on trend in the latest designer get-ups - recently described how she managed to get the letters CD, in reference to Christian Dior, burnt onto her back whilst on holiday.

Speaking to Elle magazine, Bella explained: "I visited my friend on her boat when I was in Monaco recently and had a bowl of the most delicious pasta, but I was so tired that I feel asleep before the fish course turned up!

"I had a nap in the sun wearing my 'Christian Dior' bikini so now I've got CD burnt into my back! At least I'm on brand ..."

Bella - who was signed to IMG models in 2014 - previously explained how she "doesn't care" if people hate her style, and that she no longer pays attention to critics or the fashion police.

She previously said: "I've always loved fashion and I don't care if anyone likes what I wear. I'm finally comfortable with the things that I want to wear. That's what fashion is all about - if you're happy with what you're wearing then nothing else matters."

Full story at Female First.

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