Monday, 4 June 2018

Blockchain Can Help Authenticate Ownership of Fashion Goods.

Global Blockchain is partnering with Hewlett Packard for a storage marketplace.

Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. is partnering with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to build a storage market called Stratus.

The premise of Stratus is to allow businesses to buy and sell excess storage space less expensively than cloud storage — and if they have too much storage space, they can rent out the excess capacity. To keep data safe, it also plans to have clients encrypt the information and then “sharded” into several pieces for storage in separated facilities. That’s supposed to provide a level of security and prevent any single data host from compromising the information in storage.

And while Stratus’ focus is on storage capacity, Global Blockchain’s chief executive officer Shidan Gouran said blockchain itself is a network that can be used for multiple purposes across many industries, including fashion.

By Vicki M. Young.
Full story at WWD.

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