Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Christian Dior Pays Up After Copying Indian Designer's Original Print.

image: Elle India
When actress Sonam Kapoor appeared on the January 2018 cover of Elle India in a dress from Dior’s 2018 cruise collection, something was amiss. According to designer Orijit Sen, one of the co-founders of People Tree, the print on the Dior dress was a blatant rip off of one his brand had created and began selling more than 10 years prior and is still producing in 2018, as it is a staple for the New Delhi-based brand and one of its most “well-loved creations.”

Sen – who launched his brand in 1991 with his wife Gurpreet Sidhu in connection with their work as part of “a collective of designers artists and craftspeople who collaborate to make contemporary Indian textiles using, and innovating with, traditional techniques” – says he was had “never worked with Dior or any other major fashion brand.” He also says was he “never approached by Dior or any other related label for permission to use the design.”

So, when the Dior garments bearing the People Tree yoga pose-emblazoned print hit the runway and then the dress landed in the cover of Elle, Sen says he was “shocked.”


Full story at The Fashion Law.

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