Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Wrangler way of life – fashion archive, 1979.

Wrangler jeans.
Photograph: Yvonne Hemsey/Getty Images
It all goes to prove the power of advertising but Mr Wrangler in the flesh comes as a nice surprise after the nasty rumours about him spread across our television screens by his wretched minion Rickenbacker.*

 Edwin A Morris, the founder of Blue Bell Inc which launched Wrangler jeans. Photograph: E A Morris Fellowship
Mr Wrangler is really the sort of grandfatherly gentleman whose kindly creased smile invites a flood of letters from wives and mothers sharing little confidences about their washing problems, how little Johnnie is growing so fast, and how worrying their husbands’ weight problems are becoming.

And Mr Wrangler listens to them, one and all – and applies what he learns from them to his expertise in making jeans. Which is one reason, after all, why Mr Wrangler’s jeans sell to an assortment of 70 male shapes and nearly as many women’s round the world.

His global success can be measured in earnings for the company of $53,587.000 in 1978, with total sales of the complete range of jeans and allied clothes worth $872,306,000.

By Jane McLoughlin.
Full story at The Guardian.

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