Thursday, 21 June 2018

This is the real reason Cristiano Ronaldo is growing a goatee beard during the World Cup.

The Portugal hero has revealed the real reason for his ‘lucky’ beard.

What is the worst type of beard? It is the goatee, there is no possible way you could deny this.* A goatee that goes up and under the nose is bad, and one that simply stays on the chin is bad. Goatees are bad.

So why has Cristiano Ronaldo got one? Sure, his fashion sense has been known to be rather questionable, but a goatee? Why?

Well, there’s a reason for it, it turns out. Essentially, it’s a joke (correct, like the beard itself, ZING!) - he said at the press conference following Portugal’s win over Morocco on Wednesday:

“This goatee? It’s a joke I had with [Ricardo] Quaresma.

By Gary Ogden.

Full story at Shortlist.

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