Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Why Your Skin Is “Acne Prone” but Your Best Friend’s Isn’t.

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It's not because the world hates you.

Life is deeply unfair. I know this because even though I consistently wash my face, apply a four-step prescription regimen, and avoid dairy, soy, and sugar, I still get zits. Meanwhile, my best friend, who sleeps in her makeup and runs off a steady diet of Mountain Dew, chicken fingers, and stress, has marble-smooth skin that glows with the light of a thousand moons.

I am, as they say, acne-prone. But I think this label is bullshit. We all have pores and skin oils. “Why does my skin suck??” was the eloquent way I broached this question with my dermatologist friend via text. And then I posed the same question to another derm, and then another derm, until I felt sufficiently dismayed, yet clear, on what exactly makes your skin more acne-prone than your friend’s.

By Chloe Metzger.
Full story at Marie Claire.

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