Wednesday, 11 July 2018

How to balance between the fashion trend and sustainability?

Today we hear a lot about responsible consumption and how we can contribute to sustainability by changing our lifestyle and habits. One of the key actions carried out lately is purchasing second-hand items.

The second-hand market is blooming and one of the reasons why is the opportunity to obtain quality at a low cost price. 

However now, more and more people tend to support the collaborative consumption because of social-motivation to contribute to the sustainability, becoming aware of the environmental issues. In this article we would like to emphasis on the second-hand clothing – a niche that is getting more and more popular among the young generation.

Driven by new technologies and millenials

New technologies and the trends of sustainable fashion have made the second-hand market:

  • more visible within society;
  • more accessible and easy to purchase;
  • trendy among young people.

By Jess Young.
Full story at The London Economic.

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