Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Queen Elizabeth II Might Have Sent a Message to Donald Trump With Her Brooch.

Chris Jackson
On July 13, President Trump arrived in London for a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II and, while the country pulled out all the stops when it came to their massive protests of our current government, Queen Elizabeth remained mum on the issue—or did she? Though it’s policy that the royal family is meant to remain separate from politics, not speaking out for-or-against any issues or political figures, reports have surfaced that suggest that the Queen might have silently protested Trump’s election. And, if true, she did so in the BEST way ever. Through fashion, of course.

While the Queen is well known for her rainbow of coats and matching hats, she’s also known for her massive collection of brooches. Each is not only significant in terms of its origin (many are gifts from family, friends, and world figures), but also significant in terms of the message she is sending on the particular event it is worn. So, while the below is only speculation, it’s hard not to allow your jaw to drop and a smile to appear on your face when reading the below, first outlined by Twitter user @SamuraiKnitter.

By Avery Matera.

Full story at Teen Vogue.

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