Tuesday, 24 July 2018

We Just Found The 9 Best Skirts To Wear With Trainers.

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They say fashion isn’t a science, but successful outfits can be boiled down to a straightforward formula. Putting together the perfect look is a story of magnetism and fractions. Bear with me. It requires calculating the proportions (maxi skirts with platforms, mini skirts with skater slip-ons) and understanding that opposites attract (statement skirts require understated shoes and brash footwear requires subtle clothes). Though trainers may be the most comfortable trend to walk into our wardrobe in years, wearing them, as you can tell, is not always as straight-forward.

Putting skirts and sneakers together requires balancing glitz with irony, effort with nonchalance and trends with classicism. It means consciously picking the height of your shoe’s sole and chunkiness of the design by deciphering the length and material of the skirt. Simply put, the longer the skirt the clunkier the shoe, the shorter the skirt the more refined the sneaker.

These days trainers themselves are a status symbol. Sneakerheads are unlike football fans, they have no brand loyalty. Pick niche labels for kudos and interesting uppers and colour combinations to get noticed.

By Lucy Morris.
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